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Pocketsquare is made by and for developers.

Pocketsquare was made to give developers a better way to showcase their work - to friends, peers and potential employers. Designers, filmmakers, photographers and other creatives have great options for showcasing their work. Developers - not so much.

Some devs build their own portfolio. Others use their public Github or LinkedIn page. Unfortunately, a list of public Github repositories isn’t always the best representation of you or the stuff you like to build. Code repos are also hard to digest for non-technical folks, like recruiters and potential employers. LinkedIn has lots of distractions and isn’t optimized for showing off your code and cool projects.

We think there’s a better way. Pocketsquare is designed to convey, at a glance, exactly who your are, what languages and frameworks you know and more. You’ll finally have a portfolio you’re proud of.

Oh, also: it’s free.

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